Here There May Be Ponies

How is it Wednesday already? My friend Taryn came up on Sunday for the "weekend" and we had way too much fun knitting, thrift store shopping, and watching My Little Pony (How did I not know of this brilliance before? I will never know).  It has been a perfectly lovely followup to the rather traumatic work day I had on Saturday.  I had a very unpleasant encounter that put quite the damper on the rest of my day.  When I got home all I wanted was the comfort of organization and a basic knit.  As I was working on my new craft area I started flipping through a random magazine.  Next thing I knew I had sat down and cast on a new sweater.

Somehow I had never noticed the Havasu Hoodie lurking at the end of the last summer's Knitscene.  Something about the very unassuming description and the comforting basic ribbing and stockinette made it exactly what I needed after a horrid day.  I'm knitting it out of some Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I bought a few years ago but never managed to use.  Here's hoping I bought enough.

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  1. Basic knitting is always a great cure for a bad day, as is thrift store shopping. Hope today goes better for you.

  2. Oh no! I can imagine all sorts of grad school bad, though in the category of encounters, I luckily haven't had many to call bad.

  3. what a great little pattern. I'm never sure about sleeveless knits, I feel I would overheat but arms would freeze.

  4. hmm..sorry about your bad day, but it seems you have rebounded nicely..too bad all bad days cannot end like that..I'm have that magazine and must check out the hoodie..I seemed to have missed it also..