FO: Sockhead Bounty Hunter

I feel a little weird blogging about this project just because it fees like everyone has knit this or is knitting it again.  But I really have had this on the needles for at least a year.  Why yes, it is a completed Sockhead Hat out of Haldecraft Bounty Hunter.

If you know the Sockhead pattern you know that this about half the height of the actual pattern.  The total hat used under 280 yards.  I waffled a lot about how tall to make my version, but ultimately I decided that as I do not have a lot of hair to fill out the fabric then there is no need to make it any longer.

Like many other extremely popular patterns I was originally not drawn to the Sockhead pattern on matter of principle.  It is an extremely basic pattern and I just did not see the appeal.  Fast forward a few years and I am over my need to only knit complicated patterns all the time and now find value in the more basic handknit.  Plus I now have all these crazily verigated skeins that need patterns that highlight their beauty.  So I'm embracing the simple knits, and appreciating the ones so clearly written they have gone viral.

And what FO would be compete without a puppy photo?  Helo is now officially part of a handknit family.

To see more FOs, probably with fewer puppies, check out the linkup over at Tami's Amis.


  1. I'm one of these people who hates knitting the "big" patterns. Then a year or so ago I realised tht there is a reason these patterns are so popular and even if all Ravelry is knitting them, that still means there is probably only one other version of it in my City.

    I want to do a Sock Head for the same reasons you state, plus I like 4 ply weight hats, you can wear them for a much bigger part of the year.

  2. It's like reading a book in public after Oprah adds it to her book club, isn't it? Part of you wants to tell everyone 'I was reading this before she told everyone else to!' And like you, I have a lot of crazy variegated yarns that require simple patterns, I need to get some more of these kinds of projects on and off my needles. Great hat!