Sneak Attack Yarns

I did a marvelous thing last weekend.  I took a vacation.  On a holiday.  In my current line of work that is rather rare.  Some friends and I went over to Asheville for the weekend to stay in a cabin in the woods, hike, watch movies, and maybe go drink some champaign in a bookshop.

And you'll never guess what we happened upon.

Oh yes, yarn.  I nearly missed this shop as we walked past.  I actually do not know what it is called because we did not have time to stop in, but it was pretty cool to walk past.  And there were other yarn shops.  Most specifically Yarn Paradise and Asheville Home-crafts.  Sadly Yarn Paradise is closing, but Asheville Home-crafts is still alive and weirdly well.  It was the most fascinating hodgepodge collection of novelty acrylic and local handspun.  I got a Zauberball and this crazy skein of Cascade called Hollywood.

I think there is something really fun and crazy to be found in this skein.  Possibly something one might wear to a chocolate lounge.  Because oh yeah, that exists too.