WIP Happy

We are fast approaching the start of the new tv season and I have been manic with my attempts to catch up on everything I fell behind on last year.  I am all caught up on Once Upon a Time and I'm now completely obsessed [again] with Revenge.  And now I am realizing just how much tv I watch and how little I stay current with.  Ah, well.

I'm still knitting away on the Heliopath vest.  I am thirteen inches into the body and have been in that black hole where I knit for hours and make absolutely no progress.  This may also be due to the fact that every time I sit down to work on it I feel an overwhelming need to take a nap, but I still argue it is a rift in space and time.

For those who were admiring the stitch markers last week, I bought them here.

Because I finished my purse project but have yet to feel the need to lug a cabled sweater around with me I cast on a pair of Cursed Cable Mitts in my special skein of Knitter's Nightmare -- Ducky and Andy.

These mitts are going so fast!  Admittedly I am making them a tad bit shorter, but they are already a tad baggy on my hands and I wanted to avoid the scrunch factor when wearing them with a coat.  These have gotten me through several hours of convention speakers and been quite useful for the "I'm stressed!  I'm just going to knit a row real quick" moments at work.

To see more works in progress, hopefully with less procrastination and stress, check out Tami's Amis!


  1. Oh man, looks like I'm going to have to pick up that HP issue! The vest looks great.

  2. Oooh, a quickie project is a great balance for seemingly "no progress" projects.

    I can't wait for all my TV shows to start, so I have something to watch while I knit some endless stockinette projects. I luuuurve Once Upon a Time.

  3. The stripes on your mitts look amazing. I love the color of the vest. Your projects seem to be balancing each other out which rocks, I am a firm advocate of having a large project and a small project going on at the same time.

  4. am fascinated that anyone would think knitter's nightmare would be a good name for a yarn one wants knitters to buy? but it seems knitter do buy it. Fascinating!