"And I look real hot in my tight blue jeans"

I have the wildest thing to share tonight. An FO! And not just any FO, no this is an actual garment!
I give you -- the Runaways Sweater

This is a sleeveless version of the Cherie Amour sweater from the Fall 2007 issue of Knitty. I knit it in some Malabrigo Merino Worsted that I bought on a whim from a very nice Ravelry destash. I wasn't sure how I felt about the color until I saw this sweater. Now I think it's prefect!

I mean, just look at that stitch definition.

It's very rare that I knit something I love this much, and this is the first time I've knit a garment that I actually want to wear.

One of the things I love about my relationship with my mom is that she immediately asked if the name of the sweater was connected with the band. It's true. The name alone "Cherie" was enough to necessitate this sweater be a tribute to the awesomeness that is The Runaways. I've recently become obsessed with the band thanks to a certain excellent indie flick that came out this spring and will soon be on dvd. Yes, I know, it's Kristen Stewart and she can't possibly do a good movie. Wrong. It's an amazing piece of acting and an awesome film. Now, if you don't like teenage girl debauchery, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, don't watch this movie. But if glam rock is your thing, you have go to see this!

And before you say I only like the music because of the movie, you should listen to some of their stuff. I love the first album on which they based the majority of the film. Though I'm also rather partial to Flaming Schoolgirls as well, which made an excellent running soundtrack tonight.

Now I'm off to more Russian. Seriously not as fun as the David Tennant Doctor Who that I marathoned to finish the back of the sweater.

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