Some Local Color

The craziness of summer school continues! But this week we have a new addition in the form of a visit from the boyfriend. Chris is here for the week and occasionally rescues me from my studies in the form of some local culture. On Sunday we went to my first ever major league baseball game (I know, baseball, the game I claim to dislike, but it was so much fun!). His grandfather works at the stadium and Pirates games are a tradition in his life he wanted to share.

We walked from my apartment in Oakland to the stadium in uptown (a little over 3 miles).

This beautiful building is actually a major court in town. This particular section encompasses the family and juvenile court as well as other areas. As Chris said, they really do send the kids off to Hogwarts!

We stopped for pizza and then walked over the bridge.

Yes, we're really on the road. They close the bridge down for the game and hundreds of people pour across it.

This dude played the sax before and after the game. Evidentially he's another tradition

The game was a blast. We had a great view.

Especially when the manager got ejected from the game (everyone was so stoked).

I even managed to get some work done on this.

And we won! It was a great afternoon.

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