Too Warm for Scarves

I'm currently holed up in my new room studying away in preparation for tomorrow's language exams. Passing is beginning to feel like a long shot, but I'm just happy to be here. I'll take whatever level in which they choose to place me.

So in lieu of any interesting stories from the past twelve hours, here are the final two projects from my finishing kick.

This is my movie theater scarf (better known as the #27 Twin-Leaf Scarf designed by Heather Carlson and published in the summer 2010 Vogue, which is sadly the last issue in my subscription). The yarn should look familiar to you by now, because this project uses the last of the NaturallyCaron.com Spa bamboo that I used in my summer beret last year and in Fetching. When I read through the magazine I fell in love with all the summer scarves. Now, obviously, living at the beach (or in Pittsburgh) does not lend itself to wearing any sort of summer neckwear if at all possible. But in the fall, when things just start to cool off . . . It quickly became one of those projects that I think of on the way to campus and then am tortured by fanatsies of all day long.

Because it is involves a pretty basic leaf chart that is easy to memorize, the scarf quickly became my way of keeping my hands busy when I went to the movies. The sometimes split threads and maybe too twisted stitches are the result of Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2 (twice), and the amazing indie film The Runaways (brilliant film) among others.

Technically not a finishing project, but a quick knit I couldn't wait to get my hands on was Saroyan by the incredibly talented Liz Abinante. This is the third pattern in her Bones collection (remember the Angela Shawl?) and it was absolutely a joy to knit (and fast!) I used a lighter weight yarn with smaller needles, and it resulted in such a soft delicate fabric. I love it.

I mean seriously, aren't those leaves stunning?

Many thanks to Mom for doing the photography on our front porch before the move.

Now I must return to studying. Though I may work another row or two of this traveling woman shawl for Taryn. She saw the pattern and didn't stop talking about them until I agreed to make it if she provided the yarn money (And she thinks she's getting a good deal. Ha! This is such a fun knit).

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