Graffiti Just Because We Can

More city pictures today. More in-depth yarn buying review to come!

Saturday mornings I spend in the nearest Starbucks working on a non-russian non-grad school academic project (don't worry, full details once it is finished). I love getting there around 8am and settling in with my pen, post-its, and soy latte. Last week I sat up at the bar by the front door and saw this great mural across the street. Pittsburgh loves Mr. Rogers.

And then, on my way back to Oakland after yarn and grocery shopping I happened to spot this out of my window.

I'm going to have to go back and check that out in person.

Saturday was also Chris' last night in the city before returning home, so we went exploring into Schinley Park.

This Christopher Columbus statue is famously grafittied. The spray paint says "Looking glass is dead," a very famous line used in political protesting.

Amid wedding receptions and birthday parties we found some of the botanical gardens.

And as long as I can see the Cathedral, I know I'm not lost.

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