"Ему не нужна американская жена"

I have no new knitting news to share, thus the lack of posting. I got quite far on the foot of the Euni sock and discovered that it was quite small. Too small for the foot of anyone over five feet tall. I don't think this is a pattern thing, I think it's a yarn thing. I did kick myself for not thinking about the fact that the pretty patterning works like cabling in that it tightens up stitches, thus creating a *lightbulb moment* tighter fit. It broke my heart to tell my mom that I had to frog her sock yet again, but as it is still extremely hot for the foreseeable future, she won't be needing pink striped socks anyway. I am going to make them for her, but I've resigned myself to another pair of "dumb blond" socks. Toe-up, mindless stockinette that shows off the striping of the yarn. I'll be going to DC for a research trip in a few weeks so that would be the perfect time to work on them.

I want to reiterate that the Euni pattern itself is great. Liz has done an amazing job making up this pattern and the instructions are great for both beginners and more advanced sock knitters. I will someday make these socks, I'm just a little tired of them after knitting enough for a complete pair.

In the meantime, I did finish the knitting of my Kino Wednesday headband. This is just a plain-old stockinette strip, no pattern. Normally I'd knit something with a bit more interest, but since our films are subtitled, and I'm supposed to be trying to pick up dialogue, I needed something that did not require I look at it. And since today was the final film, it was perfect that I finished all but the grafting of the two ends.

Today's film was the best of any that we have watched (and we've watched some excellent ones). We watched Стиляги (Hipsters), a 2008 musical about the 1950s underground jazz culture of all things. And it was excellent! I've been singing the songs, or at least humming, all day. It's not available on dvd for US region 1 dvd players yet, but I'm forever hopeful that this will change. Until then, here's the music video for one of the songs (I'd post the trailer, but it's all in Russian anyway).

Oh, and then you should watch this somehow related video. Just because it is awesome. I mean horrible.

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