A Surprising Lack of Awkwardness

Today we started classes with our new instructors. The four of us from my class who did not go to Moscow were combined with the remaining students from the other intermediate class. They have had these instructors all summer, so it could have been a setup that made us feel very awkward. However, I don't know about everyone else, but it was a much smoother transition than I was expecting. Probably because I was rocking the new hat.

We actually had class in one of the nationality rooms, a major attraction of the cathedral.

See? It's the Austrian room. Doesn't it just make you want to waltz? Or join a convent?

Because I finished my Ishbel beret over the weekend, I am determined not to cast on anything new till I finish at least one of the Euni socks. The outlook is good as I have turned the heel and am now plowing down the gusset to the foot.

My ankle appears to be healing nicely. I ran two repeats of what I think is a one mile loop with only a few hundred meters of walking when the pain kicked in for a bit. But it's impossible not to run when listening to Rob Zombie. Anyone who's seen Angel 1.18 knows what I'm talking about.

Now if I could only fit in a hair cut. The mop is getting long enough that I can almost pin it back with my knitting needles.

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