Knit One, Stash Four

Last week was the start of the giant summer sale over at Knit One (coincidentally featured in the new Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010, which you must read). So I, of course, went on the first day. Cause you want to be sure you see everything, right? The place was pretty full. And while, sadly, there was no sock yarn on sale (let my sadness at this fact be officially on the record), I got some really nice yarn.

All for twenty dollars!

The two smaller skeins are Freedom Spirit from Twilleys of Stamford. It's a 100% wool that comes from England (I seem to have a thing for UK yarns). I haven't used it yet, but supposedly it knits up to look like intarsia without all the crazy juggling of multiple yarns. I can't wait to try it out. Someone's going to be getting a really nice pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas this year.

My big score of the day, however, was this gorgeous cotton from Araucania. It was fifty percent off! I'm hoping to make a sweater vest out of it. Aren't the colors awesome?

And that is the last of the yarn I buy for personal use for a while. I'll be buying for gift knitting, but I have plenty to knit for myself and really don't have the money to buy yarn. I really really want to make another sweater, but I'm going to wait and buy something really nice for myself as a birthday present in October. Plus I just bought several patterns in Ysolda's 25% off sale for her birthday. I love her and her designs and justify the purchase because many of the patterns will be perfect gifts this year. Can't wait to knit them!

Oh, and just to create some fun suspense, here's a peak at what I spend my Saturdays working on.

And remember, knitting needles are for knitting. And for threatening people who want to come talk to you in the coffee shop when clearly, you are working! Gosh!

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