Of Ripping and Reknitting

One of the best feelings in academia is when you finally finish a project or accomplish a goal that then leaves you with this amazing high. It's kind of like running. You're exhausted, but you're filled with adrenaline at the same time. On Friday we took our midterm, but since half the class left the next day for Moscow and we start with new instructors tomorrow for the final three weeks it felt more like a final. To celebrate and cope with the mental exhaustion I, of course, went yarn shopping (in, it turns out, a major thunderstorm). I actually cannot share any of my purchases because I managed to stick to my new plan of only buying gift yarn. But it sure hit that retail therapy spot.

I've spent the majority of my weekend watching Torchwood and knitting away on this beautiful hat! A few weeks ago Ysolda Teague put all of her patterns on sale in celebration of her 25th birthday. One of my purchases was the Whimsical Little Knits collection. Along with a few patterns I have planned for gifts, this collection includes the Ishbel beret, a cute slouchy hat using the same lace pattern as the very popular Ishbel shawl.

This baby only used half a skein of Knit Picks Palette, the same yarn I used for my Saroyan. It's soft and light, so perfect for the intense heat we've been having lately. I did manage to screw it up enough that I probably knit it at least twice. The "vine pattern" section consists of two paragraphs. And even though I was very careful to read both I still managed to miss a part about moving markers and realigning charts. For some reason I thought it only applied to the last repeat. But no, it applies to all. Which means I knit half of the hat only to have to rip it all out yesterday and start again. But I love Ysolda's patterns enough to make sure I knit it properly.

And Chris finally went to hockey on Friday!

The gloves seem to have worked out nicely for him.

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