It's Randomly Sunday Again

1.  It's November.  Any university student will tell you that it is one of the most stressful months of the entire year.  I think this is the most stressful November on record.

2.  Because of the fact that it's crazy stress-inducing November I've been especially bad about posting, replying to comments, and emailing people.  If I owe you some form of contact, don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

3.  Something I tend to do when I am very stressed out is shift my mental focus to obsess over something non-scholastic when I'm not working on school.  When I was in high school it was Star Wars, and lately it's been Doctor Who.  I used a birthday gift to Amazon to pre-order series 5.  It finally arrived last week.

4.  I love Matt Smith

5.  I finally cast on the other sock for my mom.  Should be done sometime next summer.

I took this photo of the first sock a few weeks ago.  It is modeled on the foot of my friends' two year old daughter.

6.  I've also been working on Christmas presents, because of course I am insane enough to decide to knit presents again this year.  And, wouldn't you know it, I'm almost out of yarn on one. Not quite sure what I'm going to do.

7.  I love Matt Smith.

8.  Chris visited this weekend.  We went shopping yesterday (or rather, I went shopping and he tagged along) and found this:

It's a set of Star Wars baking supplies!  So of course I bought the apron

And maybe one set of cookie cutters?

9.  There is no Sherlock on tonight.  Makes me very sad.  If you have yet to check it out and you live in the US, go to pbs.com and check out the Masterpiece Mystery episodes where they aired the three episodes that make up series 1.

10.  Did I mention I love Matt Smith?

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  1. I love Matt Smith too. It's OK, I think there are more than two of us ;)