Why I Hate My Mother but It's OK

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I can't believe I missed WIP Wednesday again!  Well, actually, I can.  I've been sick off and on for the past week.  Just when school starts getting beyond the point of insanity.  But you're not reading this to hear me whine about my life, you're wondering what could possibly make me publicly declare that I don't like my dear old mum.

Well I'll tell you.  Two weekends ago, while I was slaving away over school and trying to not be so sick, my mother went to a fiber festival.  My mum.  The one who has only been knitting for a year?  Yeah, that one.  She went to a fiber festival.  While her dear daughter who takes her phone calls about "how to tell when you've accidentally purled instead of knitted" and "can I send you a picture? I don't think this is right", I've never been to one!  I ask you, where is the justice in this world?  How come she gets to go? It's just not fair!

But it's ok.  You know why?

That's why.  Wednesday night a gorgeous teal and green skein of Brook's Farm Four Play showed up in my mailbox.  Along with some gum and a clipping from the funny papers.  But it's Brook's Farm Four Play!  The woman has gone from "what's a purl stitch?" to picking out gorgeous, well crafted yarn in just a year!  I'm so proud.  And that's why it's ok.  A) Because she gave me yarn which automatically placates hostility, but B) also because she used good taste.  She claims it was on sale, but that just wows me more.  My mother sniffed out a wool/silk blend with enough yardage to make a scarf and IT WAS ON SALE!  That's how amazing that is.  I can't wait to knit it.

And yes, that's a Doctor Who novel on the table there.  It's my latest fun book.  You'll hear about it soon, I'm already halfway through and it only arrived last night.  I've already ordered more (thank you Amazon Prime!)

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  1. Okay, so how do I get my sister, who is a grandmother in her mid-forties, to take up needlework? I've been trying to tempt her into it since Gerald Ford was president, and I can't even get her to go to a blanking fiber festival with me!

    Seriously, please e-mail me at YpsiLiz2006 (at) yahoo (dot) com! I want to send you some fabric.