So Twitter Obviously Hates Me, . . .

Today my twitter count decided to go all the way back to thirty-one.  That's it.  Thirty-one.  This probably means nothing to most of the world.  Which is good, because it means you have some level of perspective of the universe.  But for me it was pretty disconcerting.

I should preface this by saying that since 2008 my life has been lived mostly on the internet.  Wait, that sounds wrong.  Let me try that again.  Since 2008 my life has been greatly enhanced by the internet.  Ah yes, much better.  (Hey!  Stop thinking those dirty thoughts!)  2008 was when I discovered podcasts (I know, late to the party), which pretty much opened up a whole new world for me (Aladdin reference intended).  It also coincided with the premier of TSCC (the reason I got into podcasts) and my discovery of television on the internet (Hulu and Netflix).  The other major change in my life was the discovery of twitter, which I got in April or May of 2008 but did not really figure out how to utilize properly until I got back to school in the fall.

Ok, now that I've set the stage for you, maybe you'll understand when I say that the past 2+ years of my life have been lived in some fashion on twitter.  My best jokes are on twitter.  My ups and downs have (unfortunately) been chronicled there.  My best friends have been made through twitter and if they were not initiated there have become the best kind of friendships because of our interaction there.  It's the place where real world me becomes internet me, though the distinction has been hard to make as of late.  It really has been my safe place to be me.  Every day, all the time.  And I really do blame twitter for the fact that I've let myself become the crazy quirky individual in public that I've always been in my head.

If this sounds like a mash note to twitter, well, it is.  Or it could be.  But unfortunately twitter has decided that the last 2 years mean nothing to it and has deleted my tweet count up through about this morning (yes, I probably twitter 100+ times a day. Cause I'm that nuts).  The tweets are still there.  I haven't actually lost anything.  But now when someone asks me what I've done in the past three years I can' quantitatively prove that I have over 100,000 tweets that a few people have actually bothered to read.  Now I really do look like I have no life.

Thanks, twitter.  Thanks a lot.

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