Kinda Sorta One of Those Days

The past few days have been *that* kind of day.  But they haven't been bad, really, just lots and lots of this:

Which, contrary to the majority opinion in my head, I actually do enjoy.  I love writing and researching and finding how all of these crazy things I've found in the footnotes of some obscure book fit together.  There's no way I would survive in this field if I did not take some satisfaction in my work.

But you know how you are just cruising along, singing with the radio, working on the puzzle pieces in your head when all of a sudden something comes out of the blue to completely throw off your game?  Yeah, well ...

This is what I found after stopping in at the store to replace my suicidal headphones.  Gotta give those seagulls props for accurate aim.  I mean, that is exactly where I put my hand to open the door.

Fortunately this is what I got to come home to.

Sometimes I still can't believe that I live here.

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