Wishing for Autumn

So that was an unexpected time away from blogging.  I don't realize sometimes how much I enjoy communicating with the nicer side of the internet until I have to be gone for a while.  My dad went back into the hospital last week so I had to go home to help out.  He's ok and home now, but it was scary for a while so I needed to concentrate on my family rather than put my angst out in a public form.

I don't know about where you live, but here it has been insanely hot for what feels like forever.  Yesterday was the first day in a few months that I can remember the temperature not reaching the mid to upper 90s.  Of course what can one do in the dead of summer heat than turn to air conditioning and cold weather knitting?  I guess my knitting mojo has decided that it doesn't care what the weather says, it's time for hats and scarves and such.

Two hats out blocking on the porch yesterday.  Sadly it was too dim outside when I got back from work to get any photography in, but hopefully I'll have some assistance in this soon.  In the meantime I am quickly knitting away on another cabled cowl.  It seems my hands were in need of a break from the small needles.

Bonus points for ID-ing the trashy teen girl novel.

While I was home I spent my days with my dad so that other family members could do all the things that needed to be done. (Side note: my mom, sister, and brother all started school in the past week and it has bummed me out a little because it is the first time in my life, like since I was four, that I'm not going back to school.  It's the most bizarre thing ever).  In between walks he slept a lot and so I got a ton of reading and knitting done.  One doctor, upon observing me there at 7am knitting for the third day straight, asked me if I was having a baby because I knit so much.  I was a little offended, but mostly just surprised.  I know other knitters have reported a lot of strange comments on their knitting, but I've never had the stereotypical responses.  I got a lot of them in the hospital though, which is a little surprising because people do so much waiting there.  I can only conclude that in small towns like where I grew up mainstream knitting is still less visible than I like to think.

Just wait till it gets cold.  Then they'll all come to my side of things.

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  1. I get a lot of comments about my knitting that I find offensive. Mostly people want to know how I plan to make money from it... as if just enjoying it and making presents for my loved ones sin't a good enough excuse to spend so much money on my passion.

    I shamelessly knit in public, if they have a problem with that they can... go purl themselves!

    (oh that sounds naughty) ~Laughs~