The Somewhat Terrifying Tale of the Not So Small Box

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who really was not that little anymore.  The Not So Little Little Girl grew up and moved away from home.  She traveled to such exotic places as Land of the Sand Flees and Swamp Land City.  While she lived in these places she would journey home on occasion to visit the family she loved.  Often when she was home she would visit her mother at school and say hello to the teachers who had tolerated her when she really was little, though she was not so little anymore.

One day the Not So Little Little Girl decided to embark on her greatest adventure and spend two months in the Town of Steel.  A tiny bit like the Emerald City, the Town of Steel was a lovely place but was greatly terrifying as well.  The Not So Little Little Girl would arrive in the Town of Steel with almost no money and attempt to learn a language for which she had no talent.

Though the Not So Little Little Girl found many things that she liked about the Town of Steel, most certainly the fact that lovers of the Sacred Art of Fiber were apparently around every corner, she despaired and longed to return home to the family she loved.  She lived with tiny, orc-like co-eds who were truly miserable, the city was inescapably hot, and she proved to be entirely unsuited for her studies.

One afternoon, upon returning to her tiny room, the Not So Little Little Girl discovered a letter from a Fairy Godmother.  This Fairy Godmother worked with the Not So Little Little Girl's mother and had actually taught the girl many years before.  The Fairy Godmother wrote that she had learned of the girl's despair and wished to send her happiness from the Fairy Godmother's home near the Wooded Mountains.  The girl wrote back to the Fairy Godmother, thanking her for her kindness and they soon developed a correspondence that would sustain the not so little little girl for many weeks.

After a time the letters stopped.  The Not So Little Little Girl tried not to think about it, but she often wondered if the Fairy Godmother had forgotten about her.  One afternoon the girl's mother called to ask if she had received a Not So Small Box that the Fairy Godmother had sent and was curious as to why she had not heard from the girl.  No such box had shown and when the Not So Little Little Girl finally left the Land of Steel it was regretfully declared lost.

One year later the Not So Little Little Girl journeyed home for a few days to tend to the family she loved.  While she was there she paid a visit to the Fairy Godmother.  The Fairy Godmother laughed when the girl entered the room and handed her a package.  The Not So Little Little Girl looked at it with confusion and then suddenly she understood.  She nearly dropped the package in shock when she realized that in her hands she held the Not So Small Box.  She gasped and quickly opened it to reveal the treasure that the box had so faithfully carried on its mission to the Land of Steel.

To this day no one knows what happened to the Not So Small Box.  It will not reveal its secrets and thus it has been determined that the journey to the Land of Steel must had been one filled with danger.  Winters and summers the box spent in secret, though where it spent this time no one will ever uncover.  But the brave little box knew that the Not So Little Little Girl would go back to her home and so returned to the Fairy Godmother on the exact day that the girl went to visit her.

The Not So Small Box will neither confirm nor deny rumors as to where it spent its time and thus it is still believed that the box encountered many great perils, including Snow Queens and Dragons.