Loki Wool

I have the coolest friends.  They go to the coolest places and see the coolest things.  I live vicariously through them a lot because I never seem to go anywhere or do anything really exciting.  But the coolest thing about my really cool friends?  Sometimes they send me yarn.

My friend Erica recently went to Iceland on vacation.  She's a fellow knitter and knew what my immediate reaction would be -- "oh my gosh, Iceland? like where all the wool is?  Iceland is so cool.  I hear they have the best wool!"  So she promised to send me something from her trip.

I know absolutely nothing about this wool except that it is Icelandic.  There's something about having a skein of yarn on which the first words on the ball band are not English.  It's just so cool.  This skein is called Álafoss Lopi by Istex (copy pasted from Ravelry).  It's a bulky yarn with just over 100 yards.  I'm thinking of making a cowl with it, though I'm not sure which.  The color makes me think of Loki, though more the recent Thor version rather than some of the more menacing comic book portrayals.  Any pattern ideas?


  1. I love that colour. So jealous! I'm looking forward to seeing the cowl.

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