Every Jack is Very Brave

Today I have a special treat for you guys. Tabitha Grace Smith, of Between the Lines Studios, is publishing her first book illustrated by Mindy Lou Hagan! I already pre-ordered a copy, but she was kind enough to send me a digital copy so that I could tell you guys all about it.

Jack the Kitten is Very Brave is the first of the Machu and Jack book series based on Tabitha's cats. Jack, the title character, is a rambunctious kitten who wants to play pirates with his brother but is afraid to get in the water. He has an excellent imagination, however, and so eventually . . . wait . . . did you really think I was going to spoil the ending for you? Anyway, it is an adorable story about two silly cats and their imaginations.

As you have probably guessed, this is a children's story. The book itself runs 42 pages of text and the official rating is 3-7 years, but I, a 22 year old child, absolutely loved it. The illustrations are fun and the story is sweet without falling into that sickening rhyming thing some kid's books enjoy. It reminds me a lot of the Sesame Street books I had when I was little (The Monster at the End of This Book, anyone?).

If you would like to order a copy for yourself (and why wouldn't you?), go to Create Space. They do both domestic (US) and international orders. As a bonus, Tabitha has graciously offered a 10% off code if you order from Create Space! Just enter D9A8XUZU at check out. You can also become a fan of the book on Facebook. Tabitha runs a lot of give aways and promotions that you won't want to miss out on.

As for me, I'm going to go play pirate in the rain.

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  1. Thanks so much, Faith. I, a 29 year old writer, much prefer books with pictures my own self. I think more adult books need them!