The Importance of G&H

Typing has been difficult as of late.  Yesterday after coming back from a run I was setting up to continue working on my thesis research (read: catch up on Supernatural and knit) when I got tangled in the cord and knocked the computer on to the ground.  A few minutes later the "g" "h" and backspace keys were no longer working.  Do you realize how many words we use in daily language that include those two letters?  A LOT!  That's how many.  So today I took it to Best Buy to the oh so wonderful geek squad . . . who told me the computer would have to be mailed away and would not be returned for at least three weeks.  A few moments of shock later I had packed up my computer and walked out.

Fortunately Chris came in to town today and brought his old desktop keyboard.  So several shuffled stacks of paper and my desk now looks like this:

It lights up!  I'm determined that nothing is going to keep me in a panicked mess for long, no matter how many times I sob on the phone to my mother.  There is way too much to accomplish by May.

Amid all of this I have continued to push through my Christmas knitting.  I try to take breaks when my fingers start to hurt, but I think I can finish before we leave for my parents' house on Thursday.  But I have once again vowed to never, EVER make Christmas presents again.

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