So Long 2010

Oh it's that time of year again.  The time when one year ends, another begins, and everyone decides what they will do in the new year to make them a better, healthier, and generally more stressed out person.  I generally do not make resolutions.  At least not when normal people do.  For me the new year does not bear much significance.  The big new year for me is always August, when the new school year starts and I make decisions about how I'll create a better, healthier, and generally more stressed out routine.  But today I realized something. At least for the foreseeable future I will not be starting another academic year.

Which means 2011 is my first year as a real grownup (provided I write this thesis).  I'll have a masters degree and a fiance, both of which are terrifying, if exciting, concepts.  So in lieu of academically driven resolutions, I'm making a list of knitting goals.  I figure if I am unemployed after graduation I'll have a lot of knitting time on my hands.

1. Enjoy knitting.  If it feels like work, put it down and do something else.  Last year I got burned out because of holiday knitting and didn't pick it up for months because it just didn't feel fun anymore.  We're not going to let that happen again.

2. Knit to flatter.  This was the first year of what I think of as "real knitting."  Looking over my 2010 projects there is only one FO I'm really not pleased with.  I want to continue knitting things that I'm actually proud to say I've knit.

3. Learn more.  I finally transitioned out of "beginner" and I want to continue improving.  I want to try out new techniques (like beading and colorwork) and experiment more with different forms of garment construction.  In that vein I want to continue to knit sweaters, making at least one Amy Herzog sweater using her Fit to Flatter tutorial.

That should be more than enough.  And I have a lot of school yet to get through in the next five months.

See you in 2011!

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