FO: Traveling to Scotland Cowl

You should all feel very loved.  Today was the first time it has not been five bazillion degrees outside and so of course it rained.  A lot.  But there was a break in the storm so I grabbed my oh so patient roomie and we went outside to take pictures.  And let me tell you, 85 is still way to hot for my stylish yet warm red jacket, let alone a cowl.

Pattern: Traveling Woman Cowl by Liz Abinante, Yarn: Fyberspates Chunky Scrumptious in Water
I knit this almost to pattern, but I took out one lace chart repeat.

Part of my motivation in knitting this cowl was to prove to my sister that cowls can be worn by women with long hair as well as those of us with short hair (side note: did you notice how short my hair is now? I swear I was asked every day at work this week if I got it cut.  It's my two month hair cut.  Chop it all off and then let it grow until I feel like Billy Ray Cyrus).  I wish I had taken a picture when I made her try it on because it looked awesome with her long hair.  Add in the fact that cowl appear to be in for fall and I felt like fashion genius.

This pattern was excellent.  I have made two of the Traveling Woman shawls, but they were both from before Liz redid the pattern for her ebook.  It also features her newly redesigned pattern layout which is nicely intuitive.  I knit this cowl up in a day.  And it wasn't just because Fyberspates is amazing yarn (oh my gosh I love it!  It's so soft and smooshy and the stitch definition is insane).  I love the original pattern, but the real magic is in the bind-off.  I won't spoil the ending for you, but it's a great twist.

Now if the weather could just get with the program.  Winter is coming.  The heat just doesn't know it yet.

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