Fashionable Holiday Fangirls

So with grad school wrapping up for good I am finally admitting that it is almost time for Christmas.  Just in time, too, since it is only two weeks away.  But as I am not knitting for anyone this year it has become a lot easier to really get into the holiday spirit.  We bought a tree, his name is George

And I broke out my favorite Christmas Album, Christmas in the Stars (Seriously, it is my favorite.  If you're any inch a Star Wars fan, you should check it out. Especially if you have kids).

Speaking of the holidays and Star Wars, have you seen the new holiday update from Her Universe?  I blogged about my hoodie that I bought last year at Dragon*Con, but I have accumulated several more pieces since then.

(Star Wars hoodie, BSG Red Spine Shirt)

For Cyber Monday Ashley put together a new product update that is truly awesome.  In addition to the free shipping code that I believe is still good through the 14th, she also built on some great ideas.  You can kind of see the progression of the products.  For example, last year for the holidays there was the Boba Fett pj set, a tank top and underwear set that I really love and have gotten a lot of wear out of.  This year she created the Viper pilot pj set, a tank top and shorts set based on the BSG viper pilots.  Mine came in the mail the day I defended my thesis and it was the perfect thing to relax in after such a long ordeal.  I don't normally go for shorts that say things on the bum, but these are too cute to pass up.

(I Know tshirt, Viper Pilot tank, Boba Fett tank)

There are still some products I don't have that I have on my wish list for Christmas (if you're still short on a gift for me), like the rebel alliance and imperial logo earrings and the "Daddy Issues" hoodie.  Both are great ideas and illustrate two sides of the spectrum for fan girls, the overtness and the more subtle appeal.

(Eureka Holiday Tote Bag)

It also bears mentioning that even though I met Ashley at her booth during D*Con 2010, I did not really expect to see her there again this year because the company has become such a hit and was actually a sponsor of the con.  But on the last day Andrea and I were wandering near the walk of fame and happened to see her helping women try on samples and chatting with everyone who came by the booth.  It really means something to meet someone who actually puts in that face time with us fangirls and who genuinely cares both about the quality of her product and the fanbase she is creating these items for.  I really get the impression that it is not about the money, but rather about addressing a real need that is still very strong in the geek community.

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  1. The hubby went to D*C on Sunday and Ashley "conned" him into buying me a T-shirt (his words ;). He even got a picture of it (here). But I'm pretty sure that T-shirt got me a starring role as a Rebel spy on one of our Star Tours rides. =)