Graduation Eve

So tomorrow I drive down to school and everyone will applaud while someone does something with a big thing of fabric around my shoulders.  Honestly?  I have no idea what happens at these graduations.  I've never been to one before.

I didn't work today and so I have been trying lots of things to keep myself busy and stave off the end of school blues.  These were bad enough when I finished each school year in high school, I'm not sure yet how hard I will crash now that I'm done with school probably forever.  I've cleaned the apartment, then messed it up, then mostly cleaned again.  I've watched way too much Charmed, took a nap, and have started some way last minute Christmas gifts.  One is for my thesis adviser as a thank you for heading my committee and dealing with me during this process.

I used the pattern that came with my sock blocker key chain from Knit Picks (excellent Christmas pattern, by the way).  For some reason though, a nice alpaca ornament wasn't enough, I had to add to it.  When my grandmother died this summer I inherited some of her cross stitch and mending supplies.

I don't know what any of the technical terms are for what I did, all I know is is took me forever to embroider that little 11 on that little sock.  Luckily there was still some white in the box, though it appears that my grandmother was in the middle of a project that used a lot of purple.  I'm pretty pleased with the result, so long no one tries to look inside where all of the ends live.

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