Girl with the Botched Trillian

I just got back from seeing Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US), which was pretty much awesome.  I highly recommend it to those who like that kind of intensity in their movies and strongly caution those who do not enjoy as much raw and gritty storylines (to you I say go read the book. They're always better than the movie anyway).  I don't think my flatmate will forgive me for a while, but she got a good laugh after it was over when I showed her how badly I mauled my Trillian (side note: Trillian is my current move knitting, which is why you haven't really heard about it.  The only other movie I've seen lately is MI4.  Also awesome but in completely different ways)

Yep, I spent the ENTIRE movie tinking back to fix a section I dropped stitches in.  Take my word for it kids.  Unless it's a stockinette tube, this is not a movie for knitting.  I leave tomorrow for Christmas with the family, so I will be up way too late packing, which is going to work out fine because I am seriously paranoid (then again, when am I not?)

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