Cria Into the Black Hole

Have you ever sworn at a piece of fabric?  Have you ever done it multiple times?  Two years ago I spent months mentally haranguing a pair of gloves.  I have only knit mitts since then, having sworn off of gloves for the rest of eternity.  Chris loves his gloves, but they remain my single most painful piece of knitting -- ever.  Until now.

I mention this because I've been working on my Cria and it is bringing back memories of how much I struggled to get through those gloves.  I've been working on the second sleeve, which has really thrown me into the black hole of knitting.  The last one took three days tops and this one is taking over a week.  I'm at that point where time and space have no meaning and I'm just knitting and knitting and getting absolutely no where.

I love this sweater, I really do.  But right now we are so not on good speaking terms.  I'm just going to sit and knit and not move until it's done or my fingers fall off.  Honestly, I am already googling good doctors to reattach  my appendages.  The outlook for work tomorrow does not look good.  I'll keep you posted.

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