4AM Insanity

I wanted so badly to write something interesting for you guys today, but there was a very loud car crash outside of my apartment at 4am.  As far as I know no one was hurt and the driver did not hit any of the cars parked on the street.  I'm imagining a magnificent action sequence in which the driver hit by the hit-and-run is actually a Shield agent and drove off to chase down the evil fiend.  There was no way I could turn my brain off after that, so I'm drinking a supremely strong cup of coffee and knitting my afghan square, hoping that work today will only be a minimal amount of crazy.

Isn't that color spectacular?


  1. Your early morning wake up call was much more exciting than mine. My wake up call was created when I moved in my sleep and the cat, which had been sleeping on top of me, fell off. She miaowed loudly as though it was my fault she had chosen a movable object to sleep on, and would not let me go back to sleep until I fed her. That cat is such a bully!

  2. I would like to think your version of the event is right too, it just seems so much more awesome... Hope work is easy today