Cemetery Musings

The other day I did something that I am horribly embarrassed to admit -- I locked my keys in my car.  Fortunately I have a spare and a roommate who is willing to come rescue me when need be.  This left me with half an hour to kill before she rode in, and so I indulged my curiosity and wandered a cemetery.

This is the same cemetery that I wrote about last year.  While it has been reopened, there are still signs of tornado damage.

There's something peaceful about old cemeteries.  The way the stones have been weathered, the inevitable loss of text on each, the mystery as to who is who.

One could almost forget that this was in fact the middle of a city.

But not quite.

There was a wedding going on across the street, so I had great fun watching all of the different outfits that have become popular this season.

I did a little reading and knitting under a tree and enjoyed finding a place that felt so calm in the midst of our chaotic downtown.

It was probably my most peaceful afternoon in a long time.

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  1. I agree about old cemeteries being peaceful..They can be a perfect way to escape XD