Nothing Much Has Changed -- In Knitting

How is it already Wednesday again?  I feel like all that I do is stand around and say "Wow. This wedding is coming up really soon! I need to get stuff done!"  But I do not actually accomplish anything (she says, glancing nervously at the boxes of invitations, poised to strike).  And then to procrastinate I knit.  But as you can see, there has not been much practice made here either.

I'm still knitting along on my Bitchin' Socks out of Gnome Acres sock yarn in the Molly Weasley colorway (hence the name).  I love the way the color is working up in the seed stitch panel.  Because of the way the yarn is dyed, every row has been different, which has been a lot of fun to watch.  Last night I finished the foot and got the first few rows of the toe done during the Pretty Little Liars season premier.  I probably could have accomplished more, but there was yelling and flailing and Toby in a towel.

I am also finally making progress on the Umbre Lovre now that I don't have Kaleidoscope to distract me.  But it is deceptive progress because though I am starting the patterned section at the top, the fact that humans generally have arms means that you have to split the front and back partway through.  So it feels like no progress at all because I know I'll just have to go back and knit up the other half.

So there you have it.  I'm still trying to use knitting to procrastinate and it is still not working.  The black hole of knitting may yet eat my soul if I don't feel any progress soon.

On the bright side, you can find more WIPs over on Tami's Amis, and I'm sure someone there has made progress of which they are proud.


  1. Your projects are looking awesome. I love the yarn for the socks too, it looks really cheerful to me.

  2. Beautiful sock!! Love the colorway. Now get those invitations moving ;)

  3. knitting is my procrastination method of choice as well... especially coupled with Netflix streaming. I've been told knitting as a reward works better for getting things done; I haven't had success on this front, but good luck to you!