So do you remember how last week I titled my WIP post with "nothing much has changed"?  Well this week's might very well be "nothing much is inspiring".  I am at a weird point in my knitting where I love all of the projects I have on the needles, but I don't feel inspired to work on them. Surprisingly I am not suffering from startitis.  Instead, I am slogging along, hoping to hit that inspiration point again soon.

But do not dismay.  There are other works in progress going on here.

I visited my family over the weekend (Sunday and Monday, my version of the weekend.  I kind of want to call it a "smeekend").  My father's birthday was yesterday and I had to do a lot of wedding things that could only be done in person.  Now that the invitations are going out and the flowers are essentially done, we've hit that point when there is not much that can be done until the wedding gets closer.  And oh, boy, is it ever getting closer.

I did manage to finally finish the front of my Umbre Lovre while at home, and am now working my way up the back.  I really want to have it finished to wear on the honeymoon, which means it will probably never get done.

If you are looking for forward progression and inspiring knits, please go check out the lovely group over at Tami's Amis.

PS: On the way back I got caught in an apocalypticly bad storm, turning my 3.5 hour drive into almost six.  And a large part of my time was spent behind this guy:

Why yes, I indeed thought I was going to die.


  1. I get like that with my knitting sometimes too. I find it helps to stop knitting and do other things like read or learn a new craft. Your weekend sounds awesome...right up to the storm

  2. Jealous! I can't wait to hit that "not much more can be done" point in the wedding planning. Good on you for getting there! Hope the inspiration heats up and you find your knitting groove soon!

  3. It's so nice you are ahead of the game with your wedding plans. I really enjoyed being able to relax in the months leading up to my wedding. Of course, the tempo picks up once RSVP cards are returned and counted, but feeling prepared early on helps to curb the stress of planning.

  4. Sometimes I hit an unspired point and it's usually when I'm a bit stressed and have too much going on. I think you just have to muddle on and wait for it to resolve itself.