Geektastic Thursday: Synthetica

I do not claim to have any great understanding of music.  I mostly listen to what I enjoy, and if it happens to be on the radio, I'm not hipster enough to really care.  Like a lot of people I found Metric when it was announced that they would write the music for The Clash at Demonhead in Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  They won me over with their single "Black Sheep", and I've been an avid fan ever since.

Last Tuesday their album Synthetica was released with much anticipation, and it does not disappoint.  I honestly have not stopped listening to it.  The songs are in the style of their last album, Fantasies, but they again demonstrate a wide range within that style.  My personal favorite at the moment is "Lost Kitten", which I would not be surprised to hear at some point in the next season of Gossip Girl (If they still have the same style.  The whole Dan/Blair thing caused me to stop caring).  But the album is wonderful as a whole.  Their video for "Youth Without Youth" just came out and is awesome as always.

In many respects, Metric reminds me a lot of Garbage.  They stay edgy and fresh without getting truly strange.  Their music is often more like poetry.  The more I understand the lyrics the deeper I get into the song.  Unlike a lot of bands on which I have overdosed and then had to step back, I've never had to take a break from Metric.  I think the personality that Emily Haines presents is part adorable, part inspiring.  And even though she is the primary voice, the voice of the band as a whole is never lost.

Metric may not be for everyone, but I love them.  And that's the point of Geektastic Thursdays.  To tell you about something that I'm geeking out over.  So for now I'll leave you with the song that, for me, started it all. Enjoy!

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  1. I love Scott Pilgrim... I think I will have to check them out.