Guess who's sick.  Again.  And I didn't even tell you about that bought of strep I had two weeks ago.  Chris has joked that he can't remember a time I was not in pain or dying on the couch, but it has just been a long hard summer.  By the time August came around I was so stressed and worn out that my immune system just caved.  And I'm not the only one.  Almost everyone I work with has been out sick at least once in the past month.  School is back in session in about two weeks and boy am I looking forward to it.

Today I decided that I was sick of being sick and I have rallied to try to get some work done around our apartment.  We moved in three weeks ago we are just now finding the floor underneath our boxes.  Today saw me unearthing the kitchen table for the first time

I have this crazy thought that if I use a table cloth maybe we won't stash everything on the table.  Like the pretty pattern will serve as some sort of protective shielding, immolating all the bills and cough medicine that try to reach it.  It is a completely ludicrous proposition, but one I am clinging to with as much ignorance as I can muster. 

This is part of my effort to make our place as beautiful as possible to accommodate for the rough exterior.  I have been very open with the fact that the neighborhood in which we live is not the nicest.  It is not the ghetto by any stretch of the imagination, but people here have more to worry about than how pretty the structures appear.  When we moved in everything leaked, there were ants everywhere, and the carpet was stained from countless substances.  But it has great bones, amazing lighting, and from all the crayon on the walls I think it is safe to say that this place has seen a lot of love.  It's just as exhausted as I feel and in desperate need of a face lift.  And while we don't have the funds to really overhaul a place we don't actually own, just keeping it clean and tidy has made a world of difference.  I'm sure once we get the pictures and artwork up on the walls we will see a real improvement in the aesthetics.

And if nothing else, at least I have a great new way to dry my laundry.

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