FO: From the Ground

I finally finished!  I finally finished my From the Ground (adapted version of Theresa Gregorio's To the Ground).  I don't know why, but these legwarmers took me forever.  Maybe because they have 113 stripes a piece plus twisted ribbing.  Maybe because I had to reknit the bind-off.  Then again maybe it is because I am an epic procrastinator.

Despite how long these took me I really enjoyed the pattern.  This is the second of Theresa's patterns that I have knit (I knit her Milk Maiden a few years ago).  The original is knit top down, but I reversed them to knit bottom up so that I could use more yarn to reach my Camp Loopy goal of 800 yards.  The result is just this shy of cosplay, but that is more due to my color choice than the pattern.

Ultimately thigh-high legwarmers are probably not practical for my daily life, but when did I express any desire to be practical?  I can't wait for fall when I have fixed my bike and my job miraculously no longer has a jeans and tshirt uniform and I can ride around a dress and sweaters like the bag lady hipster I sometimes aspire to be.

And for the record, I fully blame my inability to finish these on Pretty Little Liars.  I was too busy yelling at the tv on Tuesday and then telling everyone I know, ok really just the dog, that I totally called that reveal.  Have you seen it?  Because I totally called that!  There was just no way I could concentrate on knitting with all of that excitement.

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