Like Magic

I've stalled out recently on my From the Ground Legwarmers.  Fortunately the benefit of having multiple WIPs means I always have something at the ready.  Weirdly the only other project I have going is my Rosemary Cardigan, which has been very slow going.  Something about the gauge at which this cardigan is knit has really slowed me down, but now that I am farther along into the body I seem to be picking up a little bit of speed.

Yesterday morning I finally reached the end of the first skein of Cascade 220.  Because I'm fighting off a cold I really did not fancy doing my usual felted join and decided to try something new that I have heard a lot about but have not tried.  I pulled up videos and taught myself the Magic Knot.

Yes, I was still in my pjs.  There's nothing more comfy on a Monday morning than cartoon Darth Vader pj pants.  Even if it is 90+ outside.  This knot really is magical.  I tested it by putting a lot of stress on my yarn and still it didn't budge.  And then I knit it in.  Can you see it?

Really?  I promise it's there.  Can't you . . . Ah, well . . . that Jane Richmond.  She's a magical lady.

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