FO: Myrta Mitts

I have a rather old FO for you today.  Yesterday Alex Tinsley released a new pattern, the Myrta Mitts, which I test knit for her back in February.  It may be disgustingly hot now, but let me tell you.  I am already fantasizing about wearing these mitts on a long chilly walk to work.

The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn, which I don't typically have in the stash, but I happened to have this skein of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky that a non-knitter gifted to me a few years ago (I guess soft really is a universal language).  I cast these on one Saturday morning to knit while we went to a movie and ended up finishing them that night.  Bulky yarn and size US 10 needles can do magical things.

Ultimately the only thing I am not super fond of with these mitts is the color.  It does not match anything else in my wardrobe and it is not as bright as I tend to go with my knitting.  However, they are super soft and cozy and so I learned to love them.  The thick palm contrasts nicely with the thinner arm to make a unique bit of luxury.  I highly recommend giving them a go.

To see more finished projects, most likely posted in a more timely fashion, check out Tami's Amis!


  1. Alex designs really beautiful things. I love those mitts. I think the soft color makes a great foil for your manicure:)

  2. I dig the color! You can always wear a bright contrasting colored shirt to show case the mitts.

  3. I love the color....they look squishy and warm!!!!! They could always be the accent color of the outfit...