Geektastic Thursday: Bondi New York

Thank you everyone for the tidbit about the Netflix profiles!  We will definitely look at implementing them as soon as possible.  Though I do think it is safe to say that Chris will be disappointed if I take away one of his favorite sources for material when teasing me.  But he will survive.  There are too many sports documentaries to watch for him to worry about it for too long.  Plus there are so many other sources for material, particularly my seeming insatiable nail polish addiction.

I've had a Julep Maven subscription for almost a year, but lately I have been a little disappointed in the polish selection.  Some have really thrilled me, like the Jazz collection back at the beginning of the summer, but lately they just haven't been my style, so I decided to skip this month.  Lest you think I took this time to save money, think again.  There's a new polish subscription box on the block that started this month off with such a bang that retailers like Julep have some really stiff competition.

For me it seemed as if Bondi New York came out of nowhere.  They have a collection of high quality colors, all logically named after New York City things.  The first box was a mystery box of their current collection, but the word is that September's box will be a preview of the new fall collection.  My box included Top of the Rock, Botanical Beauty, and Teal Magnolia, along with a full sized face cream.  Essentially, I paid the same amount as I would for a Julep box, but I got one more polish.  The beauty products differed among boxes, and for the most part they were not Bondi products as Bondi is currently only making polish.  I got the lotion, some people got perfume, and still others received the Bondi top coat.  Overall it seems like a very good deal.  I've only used one of my colors so far, but I absolutely loved the way it went on.  The coverage was smooth and with a top coat it lasted without any chips for several days (and we all know my job causes me to be very hard on my manicures).

But the real story with Bondi is their customer service, which has been above and beyond what could be expected.  Their CEO is the front man for communications with the customer base, and when there were unexpected problems shipping out some orders he responded by offering every subscriber a discount on a future polish purchase.  We'll see how active he can stay on the Facebook pages as the company grows, but the team is off to a great start.  Any group that publicly shames their boss for falling through on shipping promises by posting a picture of him in Halloween drag deserves some attention.  If their product continues to perform at as high a level as box 1 there is no way I'm going to be able to stay away.  I think I need to start calling myself a collector now.  Just to head off any new stashing problems.

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