Birthday Week!

Ok, I know I promised an update today (I mean yesterday?) about my trip to Austin. But I got distracted by A. library studying and B. shopping trip with my pal Erica. Between Good Will and some nice sales it was an excellent start to the best week of the year . . . Birthday Week! I used to celebrate in a quiet, mature manner, but after turning 21 with a little too much class I've decided that that attitude is for the birds. My birthday is Sunday and pretty much everyone knows it. I love my birthday. But instead of boring you with the awesome purchases I made today (like a stunning black leather jacket - $11!) I will instead leave you with a glimpse of the woman whose laid-back approach to birthdays I aspire to emulate (though youtube has failed me in providing any of the clips I really wanted). I promise you'll get an Austin recap tomorrow (or would that be today).

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