WIP Wednesday: Large Buttony Things

Wow, already time for WIP Wednesday once again. Like I said yesterday, things here are insane. On top of my work and the responsibilities of being a TA, I'm also the student coordinator (I think that's the best word, I have no official title) for our annual lecture next week. I'm supposed to do some grass roots promotion, so I've been sending emails and hitting the pavement with my posters. Fortunately, it will all be over soon. But I did not want to miss WIP Wednesday, so here we are.

Last night I gathered all of my wips (well, not all, but most. Some have become permanent wips and are decomposing somewhere in the apartment) to see them in one place.

I know this is not much for a lot of people, but for me, having six have-to-finish projects on the needles is a bit disturbing. Yes, there are four cowls in that pile, but only one is mine, the other three are commissioned or gifts. Same with the socks, only one is mine and it will stay in limbo until I have time for charted socks again (um, never?).

I'm still counting the Shawl Collard Cowl as a wip because it technically is not finished. I still need to weave in ends and add buttons. Back at the beginning of the semester one of the new grad students gave me these gorgeous buttons. They're authentic Soviet uniform buttons. The large gold ones are going to be perfect against this brown. Very shiny, making them the focal point of the item (as all good special buttons should be). The rest will go in my button box for now (meaning I will find a container and call it my "button box" so that they will have an official location).


  1. Dude, those Soviet buttons are totally amazing! I'm just a teensy bit jealous ;-)

  2. Very cool buttons!
    I can't wait to see the cowl finished and modeled...

  3. Love the buttons! I'm such a sucker for unusual ones!

  4. Love the buttons. I have a good sized wooden button box, it was my Grandmothers, that I left stored back in NY with my kids.

  5. I have a friend that is totally creeped out by old buttons. It is fun to mess with her. I, for one, love using vintage buttons whenever I can and am thrilled to have the 2 huge jars of them that my Grandmother saved.