Mr. Irish Bear Goes to Austin

Thanks to the big fit thrown when I went to Atlanta without him, Mr. Irish Bear got to go to Austin with me.  I don't think he realized that he was not going to actually see the city because I had to be in conference panels and there was no room for him in my bag.  No way was he getting his own bus ticket.  So he spent most of the time in my suitcase.  However, he showed up at the airport ready to fly in style.

Someone must have told him that berets are in again.

We flew out just ahead of the flooding here on the coast and got to Charlotte a little late.  Only to discover that we had a delay of over an hour.  Already exhausted, we tried to decide what to do.

Fortuantely we came prepared.  And while I slaved away on homework, the little guy got to indulge in my plane book.

He says it was good.

Austin was great.  Mr. Irish Bear didn't see much outside of the suitcase because I didn't want him to become a chew toy for the nice dogs we were staying with.  He wasn't happy, but some day he'll appreciate that I do these things for his safety, not to ruin his life.

We're both a little jetlagged so we're going to crash for tonight.  I'll post a more detailed report tomorrow (complete with knitting updates).

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