Random Sunday

1. The giant lecture went really well.  I think I have another really good item to put on my CV.  Also, I told my students that they could come for extra credit but because it was a major event for which I had to dress up they had to dress up as well.

2. Nothing makes me happier than when I can brag about my students.  They looked great and stayed for the question and answer segment when everyone else's students walked out in a noisy herd.

3. Chris' birthday was the same night as the lecture.  Despite the fact that my professor told me the situation reminded him of that part in The Devil Wears Prada when Andy misses her boyfriend's birthday and it's all sad with the cupcake and candle, I think he had a good birthday.  I gave him a nice overnight bag so that he doesn't have to keep a hockey bag in the trunk when he visits, though he says it's because I plan to do long-distance for a long time.

4. I threw my first "dinner party" (too grownup sounding not to use quotes) last night since I moved to this apartment.  I invited Chris' friend and his wife and he was totally surprised.  It was entertaining.

5. In anticipation of said "dinner party" I actually cleaned the apartment and . . . drum roll . . . my room!  I should take photos but I need to re-clean.

6. Cleaning frenzy was set off because I had to clean the tank of my new pet.  A mouse named Martin (after Martin the Warrior in the Redwall books).  He was supposed to be food for my brother's snake but my sister liberated him and refused to give him back, so when Mom and my brother came to visit for my birthday (did I tell you about that?  They just, like, totally showed up out of nowhere for a few hours) they dropped him off.  He was stinky but I cleaned the tank and now have him on a smell reducing water supplement.

7. He sleeps in an old sock.

8. I had a new KIP moment today.  I knit in church.  I've been wanting to forever and today I decided just to do it since the church is huge and I've been going there for over a year and still don't know anyone besides Chris and his mom.  And then the lady next to me pulled knitting out of her bag too.  Kindred spirits.

9. I was working on some knew mitts.  Even though it's back up in the mid 70s here, the temperature dropped for a moment last week and gave me the overwhelming urge to knit fingerless mitts.  I finished the first one on Friday and am now trying to hurry through the second.

10. I'm procrastinating on a giant paper.  About Russia in World War I.  It's all economics and boring stuff and I'm having trouble making sense of my data.

11. I'm leading discussion on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tomorrow.  I think I'll show this video:

12. Tonight is the US premier of the new BBC show about Sherlock Holmes.  I'm very excited.

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