FO: Neongothic Damson

Ever since I knit Damson for my mom's Christmas present I have wanted one for myself.  It was just a matter of finding enough yardage of the right yarn.  But it was pretty much fated to happen.  There's a reason Ysolda is such a popular designer.

When I was at the fiber festival last month this yarn lept right off the table and into my arms (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).  It is everything I want in a purple.  Neon, but underscored by black.  It is basically the most awesome thing ever.  The tag says it is "Twinkletoes" Fingering Weight Soft, Fluffy Wool (seriously, that's what it says), but I had some trouble finding it on Ravelry.  I'm still not convinced I found the correct yarn.

The astute among you have already noticed that I did not knit the lace edging.  I decided at the last minute to leave it off because I just did not think I had enough yarn.  Although, now that I'm looking at the yarn again I think I might have actually had enough.  Oh well.  I still love it.

And among things I love, this white-washed brick wall, covered in ivy is right in view of my balcony.  I think the lamp-post light is just lovely.

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