FO: The Great Cowl KAL

Well it has been 49 days since the start of this project and here is what I have to show for it

I think it is safe to say that I have enough cowls now.

This challenge has been a lot of fun, and a little stressful.  Turns out I am seriously competitive and hate knitting stockinette on a deadline.  I also have issues knitting really warm fabric in the heat.  But I still enjoyed it.  All of the yarn came out of my stash with the exception of the superbulky pink, which was a destash-gift from a friend.  That one will actually end up in the gift pile because there is no way I'll get good use out of that cowl in our tiny North Carolina winter.

Major thanks to Liz Abinante for designing and coordinating this insanity for the enjoyment of us all.  Waking up at the crack of dawn to download the pattern and knit my fingers off was quite the experience.  I am over cowls for now, but I know I will appreciate them when the temperature drops below 80 and I'm pulling out sweaters rather than tank tops.

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  1. Haha :) I definitely want to try out some cowls, since I've never knitted one before.