A Harsh Taskmaster

I have come to the realization that I have way too many works in progress.  Not because I have too many things on the needles, but because they are all items with deadlines.  There's my wedding shawl test, the sample sweater I need to finish for an indie dyer, and assorted gifts and swappy goodness.  There is just too much of it and I need to get something done.  So why is it, now that I have had this realization that I am instead working on these?

V Junkie socks in Cakewalk Yarns' Footsie.  I just can't stop!  I think it's the yarn.  This is my first skein of Cakewalk and I am already mentally winding the second for my next pair.  Things are progressing to such a point that Mister Irish Bear has decided to step in and intervene.

If you need me I will be on the couch knitting this sweater until he will let me ransom my socks back.
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1 comment:

  1. Mr Irish Bear took your socks! Nooo! :( Can't wait to see the sweater!