Inevitable Spring

Today my brain finally got in gear and realized that it is indeed time for spring.  The sun is shining, the birds are waking me up far too early, and things are starting to bloom.

And I'm not the only one taking notice.  While I was out on my run today I noticed a lot more families playing in the yard, couples out for walks, and even high school basket ball players dribbling along the trail.  It is like the entire world is outside saying "ok, spring, come and get us" -- which I can only take to mean that we will soon be blasted with some more cold weather.

It is not just my sudden desire to wear shorts that indicates a change in my mentality (really, I want to wear shorts now, this can only be because I spent half my day outside at work),  I am also seeing a change in my knitting fantasies.  I'm suddenly all about the bright colored sock yarns and laceweight sweater patterns.  The new Knitty came out today and I found myself drooling over the creative ankle socks and short sleeved colorwork pullover.  I haven't even started on the new Cowl KAL pattern and the Rocky Coast Cardi has gone to sit in WIPurgatory while I work on more appealing projects like Lady Sybil's Wish.

This photo is a few days old -- the lighting here is rather dim, though that will change soon with daylight savings -- but it gives you a clear idea.  I'm knitting the My Wish shawl out of my very special skein of Roman Hills' Sybil yarn and another special skein of blindingly blue sock yarn that Chris gave me for Christmas (It is the only yarn he has bought for me without any direction.  By his account he walked into a yarn shop and told the woman that he was there to buy his fiancee a present and all he knew was that she loved sock yarn and bright colors.  Paws off ladies, he's mine!)  The color combination is just so perfect and really captures what I love about this time of year.

Hopefully I'll remember this in a few days when I am complaining about shaving my legs and the bugs and how I never get to wear my knitting.  Maybe.  I'm a whiner so probably not.

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