Parapluie and Soap

If you a part of Club Dragonfly and have not received your first shipment, look away.  If you are not but desperately wish that you were and the sight of yarnie goodness will make you fall into a jealous rage that will result in a blood bath to rival that of a one hour 50% off cashmere sale, look away.  Otherwise, if you don't mind self-indulgent, bragging prose and pretty pictures, read on.

I have never been a part of a yarn club before.  They are always too hard to break in to and cost way too much up front.  I don't generally like yarn all from one distributor because I don't have a lot of money to spend on yarn in general, and what if the pattern and colors were just awful.  I am sure I'm not the only one who has heard the horror stories.  A promising yarn club that tries out new and horrifying new colors that are supposed to be use in a design that probably sprouted from the brain of a meth-addict with the interior decorating sense of a land-fill.  Hoarders meets one of Aria Montgomery's outfits.  This was not one of those clubs.  For starters, two of my favorite designers are working on this project, one of whom designed for the club last year. A design I bought and knit up as soon as it became available.  Plus, Dragonfly Fibers has some really amazing yarn.  And to top it all off, there is the option for a bi-monthly invoice rather than a large up-front payment.  Win, win, win!

And dude, this is definitely a win.  The yarn is a brand new base that I am really excited to work with -- 80/10/10 merino nylon cashmere.  Yum!  The color, called Parapluie, is totally spring, with bright splashes of neon over more subdued pastel-y shades of grey, pink, and green.  The pattern by Kate of Katydid Knitwear is really pretty too, though I have to admit, I was shaking my head at the irony that it is yet another cowl.  It is lovely, and I'm sure I shall knit it, but I am so over cowls right now (see tomorrow's FO post -- not to mention it is HOT here!)

I could not be more pleased with this first shipment.  The extra goody is a bar of really nice soap that immediately went into the shower.  I have to admit, part of the reason I joined the club was the same as why I joined the Cowl KAL and am participating in swaps -- the fun and excitement gives a real community atmosphere.  The Dragonfly Fibers board is now one of the first ones I check in the morning, and the enthusiasm for this package is catching.


  1. I am horribly jealous. What pretty yarn you get to play with! Also, every time I read the name of the color I read it parapluie, which is 'umbrella' in French. For some reason my mind refused to read it properly.

  2. This would be because I cannot type. The actual name is Parapluie. Ooops!

  3. I had to look up Aria Montgomery; Google images didn't show me any wild & wacky outfits - so tell me the deal with that ? :-)

    1. Wow, you are right, a google search does not do her crazy outfits justice. A standard episode includes comments in our apartment such as "She skinned a muppet again?" "Is that fringe all the way down to her knees?" "Wow, at some point layers stop being fashionable" and typically "WHAT IS SHE... oh, never mind". Usually she treads on the Vogue Knitting, I see how that's pretty but who would wear that, kind of fashionable with a mix of seasonal dysfunction.

    2. The Fug Girls have started recapping the episodes with commentary on her wackadoo wardrobe...this is this week's slideshow: