Storming Spring

Today is the first day of spring, which of course we are greeting with severe thunderstorms, hail, and "one lightening strike every second."  No, seriously, that's what the weather alert said.  Why it is currently bright and sunny outside I really don't know.  But the days are getting longer which means that I am getting more runs in after work

You think I'm going to show you a picture of me all red and tired from running?  Ha!  Here's another pretty tree photo.

I am noticing an increase in my endurance which I credit to the zumba classes I have started taking.  It is nice to have another workout that does not end with me hunched over crying in pain because I've reactivated my neck strain.  I am sleeping better too.  Actual sleep!  Is this what life is like outside of school?

I hope to have actual knitting updates soon.  I am currently stalled out on a lot of my WIPs because they are all deadline knits.  Remind me not to take on so many projects next time, eh?

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