We Three Socks

One of the downfalls of blogging about my works in progress is that I have to own up to some of my bad habits.  I could have sworn that when it came to my knitting I didn't really have any bad habits.  Particularly any as common as second sock syndrome.  Me, an average knitter with normal proclivities?  Never.

But it's time to pull my deep dark secret out of the project bags.  I can't seem to finish a pair of socks.  Well, I can, but it's not all that often.  I average about every second or third pair unfinished.  I didn't think the problem was so bad.  There was a Cookie A sock -- Kristi -- which got me through our struggles over the summer, but the heavy chart reading made it very difficult to convince myself to start the next sock.

Then there are my Weasley Is Our King, using the Weasley Rib pattern and a lovely skein of Miss Babs that my brother gave me for my birthday.  But I got bored and decided that I needed to try something different.

Most recently there are my V Junkie socks (seriously, is everyone knitting this?  I know it's awesome but the hipster in me almost did not let me knit them).  I love them and am so proud of how I modified the toe construction to keep the pattern but make them fit my foot.  However, I have other things to knit with my sock needles and so these too are back on the shelf.

So here it is.  I have another small gauge project I have to do, but then I have decided that I will finish at least two pairs of these socks before I start another.  I must.  I'm out of project bags.  And needles.

Of course I could just buy new bags and needles and continue the insanity.  That's a viable solution.


  1. Your socks are lovely! I have had this same problem in the past and the only way I could overcome it was to cast on the second sock the minute I finished the first. Though I will admit to a few single socks tucked away with my stash that will likely never have a mate. Good luck!

  2. Speaking as a person with many needles and many bags, eventually you stop having room to put everything, and will be faced with the same problem...

    So far I haven't had a huge problem with SSS, but I do have half a hat that is staring at me reproachfully from the corner.

  3. You need to make friends with someone else with second sock syndrome; that way you can each just knit one and make pairs together :) I wonder if there's a Ravelry swap group for that?

    1. I don't know, but there totally should be. That'd be awesome!

  4. You know what? Heavily patterned socks? I never seem to finish the second one either. I think it's normal, and wouldn't worry about it.
    What you NEED is not project monogamy or stamina. What you need is new project bags. Yep. Just stuff all the half knit ones into the same bag together and hide it somewhere in the back of the closet. That's what I did. I mean, WOULD do, if I had such a problem... which I don't. Because I finish everything I start. ;)

  5. Each individual sock looks great, so I'm sure whichever pair you decide to create will be fabulous!