A Day in the Life (5KCBWDAY1)

You told me I was special.  You told me I was your favorite.  And like a fool I believed you.  I came to you like an innocent fool, content in my skein, looking forward to spending time with you.  You wound me up and I thought we could really be something.  Socks, you said.  Alright.  It sounded like an interesting joint venture.  We spent hours together, curled up at home watching tv or reading a good book.  You even snuck me into work, sneaking me out when no one was paying attention.

And so I became socks for you.  You bragged about me to all of your friends.  Calling me your favorite and showing me off.  I even let you take pictures of me to put online.  I'd never done that for any other knitter.  I really believed that I was your one.  For a time things were great.  I fit in great with all of your other socks, sliding nicely into the space you made for me in your sock drawer.  Even when they whispered to me that your affection was fleeting I paid them no mind.  What did they know of our connection.  It was deeper than that between sock and wearer, I would swear it.

But then, slowly, the months warmed and your heart grew cold.  No longer would I get washed first so as to go back to the top of the rotation.  No, now I went into the pile, with all your other cast off socks, discarded and unwanted.  You started wearing sandals and talking about the impracticality of wool socks in a Southern Summer.  Had you lost your mind?  Surely you cared too much for me to mind a bit of discomfort.

So now I sit, just like all the other socks, watching pair after pair enter our drawer.  Some are striped, some even sparkle, all are drawn to your professed dedication.  All believe that they are the one, the only pair you will ever need for the rest of your life.  They do not notice as you glance slidelong at your yarn cabinet.  They are oblivious to your insatiable need for more sock yarn.  But I notice.  I see.  And as you turn out the light on our once happy home I wonder, how much more could you possibly need?

This post is a part of the fifth annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week hosted by Eskimimi Makes.  To see more posts from fiber lovers around the world, just Google this tag: 5KCBWDay1


  1. Hi Faith - nice to see you here for another year of KniCroBlo Week. Your socks need a re-education. :)

  2. That's awesome!!!! Poor pair of socks :(

  3. I think your socks have been talking to my socks!