Summer Top Duo

Ever since I returned from Into the Wool I've been dying to knit all the things.  I've been plotting and planning to the point that I have knitted a million things in my head.  I have grand plans for several sweaters, a smattering of socks, and shawls for days.  I've been matching things up in my head and shopping patterns I really don't need.  And did I mention that a lot of this has been happening at work?  Yeah.  Luckily most of it is in my mind and has not taken away from my ability to be productive.  But still, it's become an obsession.

The reason for all of this, I think, is not just the exposure to an abundance of new ideas at camp but also the fact that I am hard core garment knitting.  I have two summer tops going and am trying my hardest to stick to them until at least one is complete.  Both of these projects are a lot of fun and totally lovely, but man am I a fickle knitter.

I started Bonnie at the beginning of the month and have been pretty much monogamous to it with the exception of my camp project.  I even worked on it at the retreat, which I was not expecting to do.  For those of you unfamiliar with the pattern, it is a gorgeous lace weight top from Tin Can Knits.  The magic of the garment is in the lace panel, which you really cannot see well because I haven't blocked it out.  This garment has taken what I know about shaping and turned it on its head.  Once again knitting has shown me that there are no rules that cannot be broken.  I also learned that counting a large number of rows in lace weight is not my favorite thing ever.  In fact I am pretty sure I'll be investing in a row counter before I take on anything else with large swaths of stockinette.  I'm halfway up the back from where I split for the armholes and I cannot wait to be done so that it can be blocked.  Maybe this weekend?  I'd say I want to wear it for Memorial Day fun, but I work that day and don't want to commit to a deadline.

The other garment I'm working on is a test knit for Andi Satterlund.  This does not look like much right now, but I've already learned a new technique, sewn elastic, and changed colors -- twice.  I don't want to say too much just yet, but let's just say it is knit out of Quince and Co Chickadee and there's no way to not love this yarn.  Believe me.  I have the swatches to prove that I've tried.

All of this is great, but I really just want to be knitting a giant navy cabled sweater.  Or maybe socks.  Or a shawl.

Someone stop me.

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